This task searches a StorageNode to see if it contains a specified value. The data (internally) should point to an XML File. The data search is based on a plain-text representation of the object – that is, the Source is searched as if it is a human-readable XML representation of the data. No special parsing is performed to match against element names, attribute names/values, etc. So, you may search for <ELEMENT_NAME> – not just ELEMENT_NAME.

Parameter Type Description
Document StorageNode The StorageNode from which to read the XML data.
Search String String The string (or Regular Expression) to search for.
Is Regular Expression (default table) Boolean Indicates if the Search String should be treated as a Regular Expression; default = false.
Result Boolean Output. This will never be a null value - unless an internal error occurs that would cause the Business Process to fail anyway.


This task can be used to query an Xml document and return the result as an array variable.

Parameter Type Description
Storage Node StorageNode The StorageNode containing the XML data.
XPath String The Xpath query as a string variable.
Result Array

The result will be returned as an array variable.


Parameter Type Description
Merged Storage Node StorageNode
Storage Node StorageNode