Transformation Settings

Transformation Settings is an object used to define data delimiters and escape character settings for source and target data transformation activity in Clarify. This object is required when working with Business Processes and Rulesets.

Business Use

Delimiters are characters used to separate data elements that allow one piece of data to be distinguished from another. Escape Wrap Characters can create additional "wrapped" entities within.

Use this object to define any delimiters and escape wrap characters for both inbound (source) and outbound (target) delimited Flat File and EDI documents. Note that Source and Target Connector sections are available on the editor; each contains specific sections for Flat File and EDI documents.

Delimited Flat File and custom EDI transformations require you to specify the characters that delimits the data fields in your business document. Otherwise the Business Process doesn't know how to parse your data.

Indicating delimiters for Flat File transformations is probably the most common use case for this object. It also allows you to manage how Rulesets react to and communicate different types of validation errors, such as field length requirements, allowed values, etc. In addition, several validation options, such as error type or behavior, can be managed with this object.

Clarify Use

A Ruleset uses the Transformation Settings object to determine how to identify delimiters in your data. The settings configured in the Transformation Settings object may also impact the types and levels of validation that occur in your Rulesets. For example, you may want an error to occur at certain levels within your business document. The Execute Transformation Business Process task can also reference this object as part of the Transformation task, as can the Run Transformation launcher from the Ruleset editor.

Process Summary

To use this object, you must:

  • Create the object.
    Note: Clarify automatically creates this object as a result of creating a Flat File Schema.
  • Define the object, if necessary to indicate delimiter and escape/repeat character settings.
  • Reference the object through the Ruleset or from the ExecuteTransformation Business Process task.