Process Schedules

A Process Schedule object allows you to execute existing Business Processes at specific times or at regular intervals.

You can view all Process Schedules that are active on a server in the Admin Console | Schedules view. This view allows you to view when all Process Schedules will run on a calendar (either by year, month, week, or day). It also allows you to view a list of all Business Processes affected by Process Schedules in the Process view. You cannot edit Process Schedules in this view.

Note: Cleo recommends creating all Process Schedules in their own dedicated ProcessSchedule Project, then making that Project's resources available to other Projects. This allows you to make changes to the Process Schedules without having to uninstall other Clarify Projects.

Business Use

You could create a Process Schedule to run a Business Process at 9 a.m. on Monday and Friday, or a Process Schedule to run a Business Process every eight hours.

You can also create a Process Schedule to run a Business Process only once.

Clarify Use

Process Schedules allow Clarify to run Business Processes independent of other occurrences. Otherwise, Clarify is reliant on something else happening (such as receiving a file, or a rule in a Ruleset) to trigger a Business Process.

To make changes to a Process Schedule that is running on a remote Clarify Server, you must uninstall the Project that houses it.

Process Summary

To use a Process Schedule:
  • Create a Process Schedule
  • Assign the Business Process and schedule when and how often it will execute.