Referencing a Business Process from a Ruleset

Reference a Business Process in a Ruleset to process data mid-transformation (instead of waiting for an entire transformation to complete).

Before you reference a Business Process in a Ruleset, you must have one created and defined.
  1. In a Ruleset editor, click the Actions tab to view the Actions panel.
  2. Find the Business Process you want to reference.
    • In the business process folder, Cleo supplies three Functional Acknowledgement-related Business Processes.
    • To locate your own Business Processes, expand the folder named after the package that contains it.
    Note: File extensions are not displayed in the Actions section.
  3. Click and drag the Business Process to the Rules section. The Business Process is used as a rule.
    • If you want it to stand by itself, drag it to a blank part of the Rules area.
    • If you want it to be part of a Composite Rule, drag it onto the Composite Rule.