Sequencing tasks

Once you've added all the tasks necessary to complete a transformation, you must sequence them in the correct order. Think about the flow of data, and where data must be at the end of one step to be ready for the next one.

For example, to go from database to spreadsheet, you must:
  • Select the information from the database (Database Select Adapter)
  • Transform the data (Ruleset)
  • Convert the data to a spreadsheet (ConvertSpreadsheet task)
  • Write the data to the spreadsheet (File Write Adapter)

Therefore, the Script table sequence would look like this:

Label Task Pass Fail
readDB next end
ruleset next end
convertSS ConvertSpreadsheet next end
write next end

To put tasks in order, highlight them in the table under Script and click the Move the selected step up or Move the selected step down buttons for each task, until the tasks are listed in the correct sequence.