Server Log View

The Server Log view displays log information for a selected server, supporting both Single Server and Server Cluster.

The view bar offers these options:
  • Log File: allows for the selection and display of individual log files.
  • Download Log Files: for remote Server logs; downloads log files to your Workspace based upon a specific date/time range. If the time/date filter is left blank, then download includes all files.
  • Find: search criteria for a single log file. Only applies to logs as displayed on the log view.
  • Find in Log Files: search criteria in multiple log files. Only applies to logs that have been downloaded.
  • Refresh: this reloads the display content.
  • Clear displayed log content: this clears displayed log content, but does not delete log content in the internal logs.
  • Lock scrolling during update: this locks the content in the current display and new logs will not automatically scroll when new content is produced.
  • Log Preferences: use this to adjust different settings.
  • Minimize: this minimizes the window contents.
  • Maximize: this maximizes the window contents.
Note: Resource Monitor logs are not included here, but can be found using the Resource Monitors View.