Views support editors and provide ways to navigate information in the Studio.

Each perspective has its own set of views. The initial set and layout of views is defined by each perspective. Some views, such as Help and Welcome, may exist independent of perspective.

The default layout may be changed by opening and closing views, and by docking them in different positions by dragging and dropping them in the desired location.

Views have their own menus and toolbars whose selections affect only the items within that view.


To access a View menu, right-click its View tab.

For all views, the menu selections are the same.

  • Detached: This option creates a separate window for the view.
  • Restore: This option is unavailable if the view is detached.
  • Move: These options allow for the placement of editors.
  • Size: These options allow for use of the arrow keys to resize the view. Depending on the position of the view, one or more of its Left, Right, Top, and Bottom options may be unavailable. Select an available option to highlight its view border, and then use of the appropriate arrow keys.
  • Minimize: This option is unavailable if the view is detached.
  • Maximize: This option is unavailable if the view is detached.
  • Close:This option closes the view. Some views may not be closed. If a view may be closed, the Close button appears to the right of the view’s name in its title bar. In some cases, this option is unavailable if the view is detached.


Sets of tools appear as icons at the right side of the View bar. These selections may stack depending on the size and positioning of the view.

These tools vary significantly depending on the active view.

These selections are available in all views of all perspectives.

  • Minimize: If a view is minimized, a shortcut bar appears. If applicable, all views are also minimized.
  • Maximize: If a view is maximized, a shortcut bar appears if the perspective contains an editor area.
  • Restore: Re-displays the view(s) with its previous location and size.

Shortcut bar

If a view is minimized, a shortcut bar appears containing two or more icons.
  • The first button is Restore, which re-displays the view with its previous location and size.
  • The second button represents the minimized view; click it to restore that view.
  • Additional buttons, if any, represent other views along with the minimized view; click one to restore just that view.

The shortcut bar may be docked at the Top, Bottom, Left, or Right of the perspective by right-clicking the shortcut bar’s thick vertical line and selecting the appropriate choice.