Editors allow you to create, edit, and define resources, mainly Clarify configuration objects.

By default, editors appear in the Editor area (located at the upper right of all perspectives, except the Admin Console perspective, which does not support editors).

The Editor area may be resized using the mouse. To do so, hover over its left or bottom borders and drag to the desired location.

Any number of editors may be open at once, but only one can be active.

The main menu bar and the Perspective bar offer functions applicable to the active editor. The tab in the Editor area indicates the name of the its resource. An asterisk (*) before the name indicates that the editor has unsaved changes. By default, editors are stacked in the Editor area, but they may be tiled in order to view source files simultaneously.


To access an Editor menu, right-click its editor tab. Regardless of the active editor, Editor menu selections are always the same.

  • Restore: This option is unavailable.
  • Move: These options allow for the placement of individual editors or the entire tab group.
  • Size: These options allow for use of the arrow keys to resize the editor area. Depending on the position of the editor area, one or more of its Left, Right, Top, and Bottom options may be unavailable. Select an available option to highlight its Editor area border, and then use of the appropriate arrow keys.
  • Minimize: Affects the entire editor area.
  • Maximize: Affects the entire editor area.
  • Close: Closes the editor.
  • Close Others: Closes all other editors. This option is unavailable if there is only one editor in the notebook.
  • Close All: Closes all editors.
  • New Editor: Produces another editor with the identical information contained in the original editor.


Each editor organizes its fields into sections.

The gray-shaded bar at the top of each section is the section bar. It always serves as the title of its section. In most cases, the section bar presents icons that represent tools that may be used to populate the fields in that section.