General Terms in the User Interface

This topic describes general user interface terminology.

Term Description
Editor Allows for the creation and definition of files describing configuration objects and other resources.
File A file is comparable to a file in the file system. Every object (or other resource) is represented as a file.
Folder A folder is comparable to a directory on a file system. In the Studio, folders are contained in Projects, Packages, or other folders. Folders may contain files and other folders. Each Project has a set of folders, each with its own purpose.
Package A Package is a directory within a Project that allows for organizing files into different folders according to their functionality, usability, and category. Before creating Packages, a Project must exist to house them.
Perspective Visual container for a set of content views and editors.
Project A Project is a directory within the Workspace. Projects are used for builds, version management, sharing, and resource organization. A Project is the deployable unit when distributing design-time objects to runtime servers. Before creating folders and files, a Project must exist to house those resources.
Resource Represents the Projects, Packages, folders, and files that are used in Clarify.
src folder This folder may have one or more Package subfolders, thus allowing for organizing files into logical groups.
View Tabbed sub-windows within a perspective. Views support editors and provide alternative presentations as well as ways to navigate the information in the Studio.
Workspace The folder where resources are stored. A default Workspace must be specified when the Studio is initially launched. It may be any directory in the file system. Multiple Workspaces may be created. Each time Studio is launched, an opportunity is provided to choose a Workspace for that session.