Projects View

The Projects view is the primary area for promoting resources (object and Projects) to Local Test and remote Servers.

It is part of the Admin Console perspective, and provides different sections, toolbar buttons, and functionality depending on which server type is selected.

This view contains these sections:


This section displays resources that are in your current workspace. This includes open Projects and other top-level objects. Closed Projects will not display. Different resources can be promoted through different forms or deployment using available drag-and-drop or toolbar options. Toolbar options in this section include:
  • Deploy Scenario (): Deploys a Business Process or top-level object to the Local Test Server.
  • Bundle Project (): Packages the objects in a Project and makes it ready to be deployed to a remote Server.
Note: Dragging an object or Project from the Workspace to other sections will accomplish the same thing as the toolbars provided.

Selected Scenarios (Local Test Server only)

This section displays top-level objects selected for scenario deployment to the Local Test Server only. This section doesn't appear when connected to an Server. Toolbar options in this section include:
  • Delete: This is the method for un-deploying an object from the Local Test Server. The deleted resource still remains in the Workspace.

Server Projects

It is from this section that a bundled Project can be deployed to a Server. This section displays all Projects that have a status of Bundled, not Deployed and Deployed. Toolbar options in this section vary based on server type (remote or local):
  • Refresh
  • Show Cleo projects: If you have other non-Cleo resources in this section, this button hides them.
  • Delete runtime workspace: Deletes the Local Test Server from your local Workspace. Proceed with caution, as you will lose all logging and related activity. Deleting your runtime Workspace may be desired to serve as a clean slate for testing.
  • Deploy all bundled project(s): Deploys all bundled projects to a selected remote server. The Project will appear with a status of Deployed. This completes the promotion of a Project to a remote server.
  • Undeploy project(s): This removes a Project from a server.
  • Clear project(s) not deployed: Projects not deployed (bundled; not deployed) to the Server are removed from this section. Use this option to prevent the accidental deployment of Projects not intended for deployment to a server.

Local Deployment Errors (Local Test Server only)

This section displays errors encountered during scenario deployment to the Local Test Server. A log can be found in the Workspace directory (.metadata\.log) for additional non-Clarify errors, such as user interface errors and other exception errors.