Business Process View

The Business Process view is an area used for monitoring and launching deployed Business Processes.

Deployed Business Processes may be monitored in real-time, showing the progress and current state of a task, as well as its variable content. Updates are in real time, so as soon as state changes occur in a Business Process, that change is reflected in this view. This view can be found on the Admin Console perspective.

This view has these sections:

Business Processes

This section lists all Business Processes available to the selected server. You can also manually launch a Business Process from this section using the Launch Business Process button.

Business Process Manager

This section displays all active Business Processes including their:
  • Process ID (PID), Name, Start Date/Time, and State
  • Individual Business Process tasks
  • Variables and values being processed

Information for active Business Processes only displays as it remains active. Once completed, the Business Process and related information disappears. Use the Auditor View to view completed Business Processes.