Create and Schedule a Send Action in Harmony

In Harmony, the basic building block of command execution within the product takes place within an action. This is a repeatable procedure for interacting with your host system. From actions, sends (PUT) and receives (GET) are executed. Actions can be mailbox-based, host-based, or not tied to any mailbox or host. Mailbox-based actions are the most common.

As part of the process for Harmony to receive messages from Clarify, a scheduled Send Action will request any available messages that are staged in the Clarify database (in conjunction with the Harmony Monitor).

Use the Scheduler to run actions automatically at specific times, when files are present, or when certain events occur.

  • In the Web UI, click Scheduler.
  • In the native UI, select Tools > Scheduler in the menu bar or click Schedule in the toolbar.

You can also right-click the <send> task and select Scheduler as well.

For more details, see Scheduling Actions in the Basics/Tools section of the Harmony Online Help.