How Clarify receives messages from Harmony

The Clarify Connector in Harmony can use LCOPY commands, and AS2 or FTP protocols to send messages to Clarify.

Several Clarify resources support the Harmony-Clarify integration, most notably the Harmony Monitor, which is an object that listens (on a specified port) for incoming messages from Cleo Harmony and then uses Message Filters and Events to execute other integration processes in Clarify. The Message Filter applies user-defined rules and conditions against incoming message header properties and values; when conditions are met (or evaluated to be true), Clarify launches an Event.

Events can also be directly assigned from the Harmony Monitor; the Event executes a Business Process, and ultimately one or many integration solutions in Clarify.

This diagram shows a typical message flow from Harmony to Clarify.


To receive and process messages from Harmony, the following steps must occur in both systems:

Clarify configuration

  • Create and define the Harmony Monitor.
  • Assign a Message Filter or Event to the Harmony Monitor.
  • Deploy and start the Harmony Monitor.

Harmony configuration

  • Create and configure a Clarify Connector. This includes modifying the inbox and outbox of the AS2/FTP/LCOPY (or whichever "top-level" protocol being used) to reference the Clarify Connector. Detailed steps are provided in Configuring the Clarify Connector in Harmony.