Integrating with Cleo Harmony/VLTrader

This topic describes how to integrate Cleo Clarify with Cleo Harmony or VLTrader, and describes the configuration process, system resources, requirements, recommendations, and other useful information necessary to move and transform data easily between both systems.

Note: From this point forward in the Help, all references are made to Cleo Harmony, but also include VLTrader where applicable.

With the Harmony solution, you have the ability to view and act on the data that runs your business in order to increase efficiency and eliminate downtime. You can monitor and track performance metrics from both an IT and business perspective, as well as act on data via reports and dashboards based on your business needs.

Combined with Clarify, these individual solutions form an integral piece of the Cleo Integration Suite (CIS), which combines the power to connect and integrate your B2B applications, people, clouds, big data, and information work flows onto one incredibly easy-to-use, yet highly scalable, platform.

The Clarify Connector (In Harmony)

In Harmony, the Clarify Connector is used to integrate inbound and outbound file transfers with Clarify. The inbox and outbox of each Harmony host connection must point to an instance of this connector. See Configuring the Clarify Connector in Harmony, as well as referencing the Harmony User Guide for more information.

The Harmony Monitor (In Clarify)

In Clarify, the Harmony Monitor is an object that listens (on a specified port) for incoming messages from Cleo Harmony and then uses Message Filters and Events to execute other integration processes in Clarify. A Business Process task, SendMessageToHarmony, is used as part of the messaging interface with Cleo Harmony.

System Requirements

Integration requires the following system versions.
  • Cleo Harmony v5.4.1 or higher
  • Cleo Clarify v4.8 or higher

Supported Communication Protocols

The following communication protocols and their variants are supported.
  • FTP (plain, FTPS, FTPES, and SFTP)
  • AS2
  • Inbound Listener