Notification API

External programs use the Notification API to send notifications to Clarify Events, which in turn activate a Business Process. An external program may, for example, pre-populate data in a database, or trigger another program when changes are made on certain files or tables.

Cleo provides the file within the utils folder of the remote Clarify Server install directory. By extracting the contents to a location or directory that your external program has access to, you can configure this API to pass specific parameters into an Event.

  1. Unzip the contents of to a directory that the external program will use to call the API.
  2. Configure the external program to call the SendNotification.bat (or .sh for Linux).
  3. The script can accept up to nine parameters. The first three are required, and must be in this order:
    1. IP address of the remote Clarify Server (example: localhost).
    2. Full Event name to be triggered (example: my.package.MyEventEV).
    3. JMS Port setting used by the remote Clarify Server. (Default is 61616)
      Note: Port settings for a single server install are located in <server workspace root>/nodes/workspace/
      Note: Port settings for a clustered server install are located in <server workspace root>/nodes/receiverNode_0/
  4. The remaining six parameters are optional, and must be specified in a “name=value” format. The following conditions apply:
    1. Parameters must each be defined within double quotes.
    2. An equal sign must separate the name from the value.
    The Notification API attempts to match the names to the parameters specified on the Event being triggered. When a match is found, the associated value is passed to that parameter once the Event executes. Unmatched or unused arguments are ignored.

    Here is an example of the required format:

    C:\> SendNotification localhost my^.package^.MyEventEV 61616 “optionalParm1=1” “optionalParm2=2” “optionalParm3=3” “optionalParm4=4” “optionalParm5=5” “optionalParm6=6”