Clarify Connector properties tab

The following information is specific to the Clarify tab in the Clarify Connector in Harmony.

Property Description Required?
Clarify Servers A semicolon separated list of the Cleo Clarify server addresses.

Valid pattern: [^.+:\d+(;.+:\d+)*$].

Command Retries The number of times the command should be retried when an error or exception occurs. Valid range: [0-5]. Yes
Store and Forward A switch that indicates whether or not to store the contents locally when the connector endpoint is down, and subsequently forward to the connector endpoint when it is back up.

Note: For this feature to work, the Received box must be configured in the host using this Connector and Administration>Other>Disable Date/Time Portion Of Filenames In Sent/Received Box must be unchecked.

Store and Forward Retry Delay (seconds) The number of seconds to wait between 'Store And Forward' retries. Valid range: [0-900] Yes
Enable Debug A switch that indicates whether to perform debug logging.
System Scheme Name The URI scheme name used as a shortcut to this host. Valid pattern: [[a-zA-Z]{1}[a-zA-Z0-9+\-\.]{1,7}].