Starting the Studio

This topic describes how to start the Studio.

Clarify Studio currently supports Windows, Linux, and MAC operating systems.
  1. Start the Studio by clicking the Clarify Studio shortcut icon (if selected during Installation), or by clicking the Ckarify.exe file (or found in directory where you've installed the Studio. A splash screen appears momentarily, before prompting you to select a Workspace.
  2. From the Workspace Launcher screen, select a Workspace to use for this Studio session.
    The Workspace is a folder in which Clarify stores your Projects. A workspace must be specified each time you launch the Studio. It may be any directory in the file system. Multiple workspaces may be created.
    Note: For first-time users: A Welcome screen appears with multiple icons that link to different help topics. To view the Workspace and other perspectives in Clarify, simply close the Welcome tab. This Welcome screen also appears each time a new Workspace is created.
  3. Click OK to complete this process.