Configuring Java 8 Compatibility (MAC OS X only)

The following steps describe how to configure Java compatibility for MAC OS X operating systems. MAC OS X users who are using Java 8 will need to adjust to Java 7 for every Workspace they'll be using.

  1. From the Studio's main menu, go to Window/Preferences/Java/Installed JREs.
  2. Click Add. The JRE Type window appears. Here, you will select the type of JRE to add to the Workspace.
  3. Select Standard VM and click Next to proceed.
  4. Enter the home directory of the JRE.
    JRE home is: /Applications/Cleo/Clarify_Studio/jre/Contents/Home (assuming Studio has been installed to default location)
    JRE name is: Clarify Studio Java 7
  5. Select this JRE as default and click Finish.
  6. Go to Window/Preferences/Java/Compiler.
  7. Change Complier compliance level to 1.7, and click OK. A Compiler Settings Changed message displays, which prompts you to do a complete build in order for changes to take effect. Click Yes.