Installing the Studio

This topic provides detailed steps to install the Studio.

Review the minimum System Requirements. Note that the specifics of your implementation may require more resources than outlined here. Consult your Customer Account Manager or Technical Support for more information.

Installation Procedures

The Clarify Studio can be installed on Windows, Linux, and MAC operating systems. Specific references to each are noted below where necessary; however procedures generally apply to all. These steps follow an Install Wizard which guides you through the process.

  1. Launch the install: Locate and use the install file based on your operating system.
    OS Install file name
    Note: Run as Administrator
    MAC Clarify_Studio_5_#_Mac64_<DateTimeStamp>.zip
    Note: Install must be performed as a non-root user.
  2. Introduction: Read all instructions and recommendations.
  3. License Agreement: Read the License Agreement. Click the I accept the terms of the License Agreement radio-button to enable the Next button.
  4. Choose Install Folder: Either accept the proposed default install folder location or click Choose to indicate another location.
  5. Memory Allocation: Either accept the proposed values for the Studio Memory Value and Local Test Server Memory Value, or change either or both. As noted, the format is ####m, where #### is your memory allocation and m represents megabytes.
  6. SMTP Server: If intending to use Clarify to generate email, you must provide the SMTP Server IP address and port. Otherwise, these settings may be left blank. Should you decide to configure this setting later, you can do so from within the Admin Console perspective’s Settings view
  7. Choose Shortcut folder: Both the All Users Desktop and Start Menu checkboxes are checked by default – modify if necessary. (This does not exist for Linux)
  8. Pre-Installation Summary: Review all selections. If a choice must be changed, click Previous (as many times as necessary) to return to the appropriate earlier step, modify the selection, and then click Next (as many times as necessary) until you return here.
  9. Installing...:While the product installs, banners appear describing different features and functionality. The process generally requires less than 10 minutes.
  10. Install Complete: Click Done to complete the process.