Managing Studio Connections to Remote Servers

A toolbar on the Admin Console perspective provides several useful options to manage and configure the Studio's connection to the Servers – both the Local Test server and remote Servers. Some options may not apply to all remote server (Single/Cluster) types.

Adding a Server Connection

This only applies to remote Servers, which must be running in order for a connection to be established.
  • Click the New Server button to identify a remote Server. A new window appears.
  • Complete the Name, Address, and Admin Port. Click OK.
Note: If adding a Server as part of a Cluster, the Admin Port must be 8500.

Selecting a Server Connection

Select a server using the Server Environment drop-down, which displays all the servers previously identified to the Studio; this includes, at a minimum, the Local Test server, but can also contain additional remote Servers.

Once you've selected a specific server, the following options may be available.

Editing a Server Connection

This only applies to remote Servers.
  • Click the Edit Server button to produce a window.

  • Make required modifications and click OK.

Removing a Server Connection

This only applies to remote Servers.
  • Click the Remove Server button and confirm. This action does not uninstall the selected Server, but merely makes it unavailable to the Studio.

Starting, Suspending, Stopping a Server (Local test and single server only, not recommended for a Server Cluster)

This action does not actually start, stop, or suspend the selected Server, but affects its connection to the Studio.

  • To start a server, click the Start/Resume Server button.
  • To suspend a server, click the Suspend Server button.
  • To stop a server, click the Stop Server button. This applies to local test server only.

Note: The above steps do not apply for Servers in a Cluster. For recommended practices, see How to Stop, Suspend, and Resume the Server Cluster.

Note: Only administrative users will have permission to stop or suspend a remote Server.

Logging In/Out

Note: This only applies to remote Servers.

Logging in and out is the means for connecting and disconnecting from that server. Two buttons are used to login and logout of a remote Server.

Licensing Information and Options

To see important licensing information and options for the selected server, click the View Server Information button. The Apply Server License button is also used to update and apply licensing changes. Please refer to Licensing help content, or contact your Customer Account Representative for more information.

Relaunching Last Business Process

This button will launch the last Business Process that was deployed from the selected server.