Call and define the Method

Once you've created the Method, it must now be called and defined in your Ruleset. There are several ways to do this, depending on the type of rule (Simple or Switch Case) being used.
  1. Drag and drop the Method directly from the Methods pane to the rule in the Rules section of the Ruleset editor.
  2. For a Switch Case Rule, you can also drag and drop the Method to the Method tab in the Properties view.
  3. Define (map) the Method. To do this, you must open the Method by double-clicking it; a new tab (displayed as the actual Method name) will open in the editor. Note that an Execute tab still remains. This is the primary Ruleset, whereas the Method can be thought of as a Ruleset within the Ruleset.

    In the example below, there are four move rules defined.

  4. Using the Properties view, continue to define the Method using the Rule and/or Conditions tabs, if needed.
    Note: All Method parameters are defined as input, which is slightly different from other Rules in that this allows you to map from the target schema to the targetParm input (if a target exists for the Method). Since the targetParm input parameter is a mapping from the target schema, the editor marks it with a cross-hair icon ( ).