Creating Methods for use in a Ruleset

Methods must be created and defined in the Ruleset that they are being used.

  1. Create a method using the Add Method button from the Methods view in the Ruleset editor. The Method Parameters screen appears.

  2. Select source and/or target method parameters from the available types, which have been queried from the Source/Target Schema. Use the add buttons to select from the available parameters (shown above). Build a list of source and target parameters based on their type.
    Note: While at least one Source Type is required, Target Type is not. However, if your target is a generic reference, thereby requiring you to create a specific type, you can have Clarify create a target parameter. To do this, select the Create Target checkbox. When a type is selected, and Create Target is checked, this will create a StorageNode parameter of that root type. If Create Target is not checked, it will create a parameter of that specific root type.

    The difference between this Create Target option and the create in a Composite Rule is that there is additional type information available, and you can select the specific type for creation.
    Note: Currently a StorageNode variable cannot be created from a Schema’s root type for Source Parameters in the same manner (no checkbox). Follow the StorageNode path (select StorageNode) in the Method Wizard in order to create another StorageNode of a Schema Type. Additional steps are noted below.
  3. If using the StorageNodes parameter, you must select the type of Schema (JSON, XML, DB, etc) as well as the actual Schema object. Using the StorageNode parameter allows for the use of different source and target Schemas within the same Ruleset. Also see Changing a Transformation Connector in a Method.
  4. Name the Method (or just accept the default name). Click Finish to complete. The Method now appears and is available for use in the Ruleset editor.

    Defining Multiple Sources and Targets for a Method

    In addition to being able to define a StorageNode as the Source/Target of a Method, a user can define multiple sources and targets for a Method. This means that a user can map data from many sources to many targets within one Method. Rulesets can be used to produce multiple outputs in different formats. Many-to-many transformations are now possible using Ruleset Methods. Previously, this would have required several Methods and possibly additional Rulesets.