A Ruleset Action performs some form of operation on data during a transformation run.

Every rule in a Ruleset is defined by an Action; these can be one of the many pre-canned Actions supplied with Clarify, or those custom Actions you create. The most common Action (Move) is used to transfer data from one document to another. There are however, over 100 additional Actions shipped with the Studio. Here are a few examples of how they can be used:
  • from a source document, multiply quantity by a price and write the result to a field in a target document;
  • automatically remove dashes from a phone number in trading partner data when writing it to your own back-end files.

Actions panel

The Actions panel displays groups of selectable Ruleset Actions used to perform some type of operation on your data. Group types reflect the general usage of the Actions within. Expanding each folder displays multiple Actions which can be added to a Rule.

Two ways to add Actions to a Rule

Add Actions to Rules by following either one of these methods.
  • Click the New Rule (or Composite) button to display the list of all available Actions, and then double-click the Action to select it from the list.

  • Drag an Action directly from the Action panel to a specific Rule, or to the empty field in the Rule section of the Properties view.
Note: Either way still requires you to define values for the Inputs and Outputs in the Properties view.

The two methods are shown in this example create a Rule with the RawMoveAction (supported in the new engine only).