Proxy Types

In addition to listing the IP address for the VLProxy install location, the file is where you enable which communication types are used. Proxy types include Forward, Reverse, and ReverseForward, which are briefly described here.

A Reverse proxy is a single entry point that serves multiple backend servers; a Forward proxy serves clients behind it. Both are single points of entry that are a "proxy" on behalf of either servers (Reverse) or clients (Forward).

In Clarify, Forward proxy is used for outbound HTTP, such as the Cleo Cloud Connectors and Web Service Consumers (SOAP & REST).

Reverse proxy is used for inbound processing to Clarify, such as Web Service Providers (SOAP & REST).

For additional security, select ReverseForward proxy, which indicates that outbound Forward proxy connections from Clarify should be pooled in VLProxy and used for Reverse proxy requests. This option eliminates the need for any inbound ports through the internal firewall to Clarify.