Define a vault entry in a Web Service Consumer object

To configure the Web Service Consumer (WSC) to use a vault entry, just enter the name of the Alias into the Vault Entry Alias field on the WSC editor.

For the WSC (SOAP), the Vault Entry Alias field can be found on the Connection tab of the Properties view of the editor.

There are two ways to set the Vault Entry Alias for a WSC:
  1. Manually entering the alias in the text box
  2. Using a substitution value

Using Substitution Values For REST

  1. Follow the substitution variable format of ${subsitutionVariableKey}
  2. Create a properties variable in a Business Process
  3. Populate the Request Parameters on the Web Service Consumer editor with a Properties variable of:
    as its key

Result: The substitution variable will be replaced with the value in the properties at runtime.

Using Substitution Values For SOAP

Note: There are no changes to be made in the Web Service Consumer (WSC) editor.
  1. Utilize the Connect task for the WSC operation
  2. Provide the Vault Entry Alias in the user info portion of the override request URL