Email Receive Monitors

An Email Receive Monitor is an object that launches an Event based on data captured from an email. It can be configured to monitor a specific email inbox or sub-folder location, poll for certain file types, at a certain frequency.

Configuration options allow you to determine:
  • A specific Event to launch upon detection of an email;
  • How often to check an email account;
  • Which folder within the email account to check;
  • Specific attachment file names or file types to monitor;
  • What to do with the emails once processed. Options include archive, delete, or mark as read.

Business Use

Some trading partners may use email attachments to send business documents, instead of a direct transfer method such as FTP. Rather than manually moving those files from an email into a file directory, or creating a custom program to do so, Clarify can poll an email account directly to pick up the data, and then use an associated Event to initiate data processing. Here are other examples of how the Email Receive Monitor can be used:
  • You have several Customers that email spreadsheets. By using the Email Receive Monitor's Attachment File Name Filter feature, you can have Clarify detect only those emails that have spreadsheet file extensions in the attachments, and then begin processing automatically.

  • As part of your Company process, all Customer invoices that are emailed are placed in individual email folders, representing each sender. Using the Email Receive Monitor's Folder To Monitor feature, you could specify certain Events to launch for each folder, based on the data contained in the email.

  • You receive XML files from two trading partners in the same inbox. Company A always sends a file named CoAnnnn, with nnnn being the invoice number. Company B always sends a file named CoBnnnn. For this solution, two Email Receive Monitors are created: one uses the Attachment File Name Filter feature to pick up files that contain "CoA" and filter Company A's invoices to a specific Business Process; another Email Receive Monitor picks up files containing "CoB".

How the Object Works

The Email Receive Monitor works by polling for and capturing data directly from an email attachment or email body. The data is passed to an Event, which launches a Business Process and begins the transformation process in Clarify.

Process Summary

To use Email Receive Monitors, you must:
  • Create an Email Receive Monitor.
  • Define settings in the object.
  • Start the monitor either manually, or set it to run as a service to start when the server starts.