Starting Email Receive Monitors

Email Receive Monitors can be started and stopped via two methods: manually or as a service.

Run as Service
When configured to run as a service, a Email Receive Monitor will start whenever the server starts and remains enabled (See Defining Email Receive Monitors).
Note: Enabled Email Receive Monitors launch Events upon email detection. Generally, do not use this method during the design and testing of your Email Receive Monitor. However, this method is common in production Server environments.

Manual Start/Stop

These steps takes place in Admin Console | Resource Monitors.

Note: The Local Test or remote Server must be started.
  1. Under the Resource Monitor Types section, select Email Receive Monitor. All deployed Email Receive Monitors appear in the Resource Monitors view. Any monitor that has already been started has a green indicator, while red indicators show that a monitor is not started.
  2. From the Resource Monitor view, select the Email Receive Monitor you wish to start and click Start ().
    Email Receive Monitors are deployed along with dependent objects. Always make sure the related objects exist and are complete before deploying a Email Receive Monitor.