Backup and Restore

Your server environments need to be backed up regularly. Scheduled backups are key to good server management. Failures occur; when they do, recovery time and cost can be reduced significantly if a recent backup is on hand. Regular backups can also ensure that production and test environments are in sync.

This topic discusses general recommendations that should be part of a regular backup strategy.

Cleo recommends backing up the database and file system in one comprehensive process. It is imperative that both database and file system are backed up together.

  • Database backup: creates a backup of the database using a script provided by Cleo; a corresponding script can then restore the database from the backup.
  • File System backup: requires use of a third party tool (or a set of scripts to copy the files to another location) that you choose; this must backup important Clarify file system resources.
  • Replication: can duplicate your entire Clarify environment in almost real-time. This is accomplished by replicating the database via a PostgreSQL tool and by replicating Clarify file system resources via a third party replication tool.

Please Note

  • Never deploy projects while a backup is running.
  • After the database has been restored, Control Numbers and Next Numbers must be incremented to avoid repetition.