How Database Adapters work with the New Engine

The Database Adapter is unique among most other resources in that it can support both versions of the transformation engine.

Basic functionality for this adapter remains unchanged, however there are different options when creating and setting its compatibility with either version of the engine.

How you create the adapter - through the Database Wizard or using the main menu bar - determines compatibility options available.

Creating the Adapter with the Database Wizard

Database Adapters created with the Database Wizard (which also builds the Data Source and Schema) always default to the new engine.

Creating the Adapter with the main menu bar

This method gives you the option to generate adapters for use with one or both engine versions.

Converting and compatibility

Version 1 Adapters can be made compatible with either versions of the engine. To convert an Adapter, select it from the Project Explorer and then choose one of these right-click options:

  • Convert Database Adapter: Makes a Version 1 Adapter compliant with the new engine.
  • Convert with Compatibility: Makes a Version 1 Adapter compliant with both engines.