Email Send Adapters

The Email Send Adapter is an object used to connect to different email servers in order to send email notifications directly from Clarify.

This object improves the existing SendEmail Business Process task, which sends an email to one email address only. The Email Send Adapter supports sending emails to multiple recipients through multiple email server connectivity.

Business Use

You might use different email servers in order to manage multiple email notifications for multiple recipients. For example, while you generally use your company email server for most notifications coming out of Clarify, management has requested that they get notified for any failed document transactions for the top three trading partners. Additionally, they want this notification to come through their personal email accounts - possibly using several different providers. By using the Email Send Adapter, you can quickly configure Clarify to manage this process.

How the Object Works

The Email Send Adapter is configured with information required for authentication, and specific parameters that are passed from other objects within Clarify. In the business use case above, several Email Send Adapters could be created; one for your company, the rest for each manager's personal email accounts. The objects would then be implemented with existing trading partner-specific integration projects in Clarify.

Process Summary

To use Email Send Adapters, you must:
  • Create the Email Send Adapter.
  • Define the Adapter using Email Server settings and Business Process parameters.
  • Call or reference the Adapter using a Business Process.