Defining Process Schedules

Use a Process Schedule object's calendar-based interface to schedule Business Processes to run once or on a recurring basis, and at a specific time or after an elapsed time.

If you have not already created this object, see Creating Process Schedules.
  1. Under the Entry section, click the Business Process field to select the Business Process you want to schedule.
    Note: A Business Process must be contained in the current Project or in a Package that has been made available to the current Project to appear in the selector window.
    Note: Cleo recommends creating all Process Schedules in their own dedicated ProcessSchedule Project, then making that Project's resources available to other Projects. This allows you to make changes to the Process Schedules without having to uninstall other Clarify Projects.
  2. In the Start Data field, use the calendar to choose the date on which to start the Business Process.
  3. In the Start Time field, click the hour and use the up and down arrows to set the hour at which to start the Business Process. Do the same for the minutes, seconds, and AM/PM.
  4. In the Recurrence section, choose how often you want the Business Process to run. Options are:
    • None: The Business Process will run only once, as specified in the Entry section
    • Every: Choose a number and interval unit. The Business Process will start as specified in the Entry section, and again every time the specified interval passes (every 2 weeks, for example).
    • Days of Week: Check one or more days. The Business Process will start as specified in the Entry section, and again at the same time on each specified day of the week.
    Note: You can only specify one clock time per Process Schedule.

    For example, suppose you wanted the Business Process to run at 2 p.m. on Monday and Tuesday, but run at 8 p.m. on Wednesday and Thursday. To accommodate the different times, you would need to make two separate Process Schedules.

  5. Click Save and close the editor.
Next: A Process Schedule will not start (nor display in the Admin Console's Process view) until it has been deployed. For more information, see Promoting Resources to Servers (deployment).